The Serenity Center of Summerville is a nonprofit community center that brings together community businesses and community members with a passion to help others.

Our mission is to directly give back to the community by helping others through holistic health, mental health, spiritual health, and wellness offerings.

Our vision is a peaceful and sacred space with a healthy atmosphere for our community that facilitates finding “peace within” through integrative health and wellness offerings.

Community Businesses:

The center’s onsite and independently owned small community businesses provide professional services to the community. If you have any questions about the businesses please contact them directly by clicking the “Learn More” button on our website at

Community Services:

The center’s community services are offered in The Boho Room: Mental Health; The Energy Room: Wellness; The Healing and Well-being Lounge: Holistic Health; The Meditation and Mindfulness Studio: Spiritual Health.

For more information please contact us at or (843) 900-6879.